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Mr. and Mrs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much?


What style of music do you play?
  • Solo guitar arrangements for popular songs.

  • Classical guitar music.


I can play either genre or a combination of both.

What parts of the ceremony do you play for?
  • Prelude (whilst the guests are waiting) - I play various songs for 30 minutes.

  • Bridesmaids - Usually one song for all the Bridesmaids to walk down the isle.

  • Processional - One song for when the Bride walks down the isle.

  • Signing of the Register - A song lasting approximately 5 minutes or so.

  • Recessional - One song that I suggest has a happy/triumphant. sound to it.

If there's a song we want that is not on your song list can you learn it for our ceremony?

Yes. But I cannot guarantee that your chosen song can be arranged for solo guitar.  But I will have a listen to see if it can be done. I will only do this for one song. Not multiple songs.

Will you help us pick songs?

Yes. If you need help with song choice I will give you some guidence.

If we only need you to  provide music for the Processional and nothing else is it cheaper?

No. $250 is the minimum fee. I still have to drive to the location, set up before the guests arrive, and wait until the ceremony is over to pack up.

Will you still play if the weather is bad?

On a hot sunny day I will need shade. If it's only for the ceremony I can make do but if I'm staying for the Cocktail hour then I will need to find a shady spot. I will not, under no cercumstances play in the rain regardless of how light it is. Guitars, sheet music, and amplifiers are not waterproof!

Do you need to have a power outlet for your equipment?

Ideally I prefer to plug my amp into a power outlet. I always bring a long extension chord just in case there's no outlet close by.

Do you provide a PA system and microphone that we can use for the ceremony?

No. I only bring an amplifier for myself to use. If you need a PA system and microphone you will either have to arrange it with your DJ, if your wedding is at a winery then speak with them about it, or you will have to rent it from a music store. If you do rent equipment I will not be able set it up for you. The DJ, events manager at the winery, or a member of the wedding party will have to do this. If you do have a microphone but no speaker I will not have the microphone plugged into my amplifier.

What happens if the ceremony over runs over time?

It depends. If it's running late by 10 minutes or so then that's fine. But, if the Best Man is stuck in traffic and the ceremony is an hour late then I will need to be compensated. Think of it as you're not paying me to play for your ceremony, whenever it begins, but paying me to play at the allocated time that I was given. So if the wedding starts at 4pm then I will be there a little after 3pm to set up and be ready to play the Prelude at 3:45. After all you are paying my for my time.

One last thing.

The reason why I have so many rules is because all of the above I have experienced through many years of playing at weddings. I think that it is important to lay out the ground rules so there is no confusion on the day of the wedding.

Something to think about.

A wedding is such a special day that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Once again, I know from personal experience. Hiring a musician to perform for your ceremony and to entertain your guests really does add a touch of elegance to your day.


Thank you for your understanding.

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