Cost Breakdown


Weddings are so expensive. I agree 100%. I know from personal experience. But remember that when you hire me to play at your wedding there's more that goes in to it than just playing the guitar during your ceremony.


What $250 covers


Leading up to wedding date

  • The time it took me to learn all the music = many many many hours.

  • I offer to arrange a song, of your choice, for solo guitar = at least two hours to do this. I have to work out the melody, chords, and bass line. Write it so those three elements can be played on one instrument. Notate it. Then learn it.


Morning of wedding

  • Make sure all equipment works = 30 minutes.

  • Put a fresh set of strings on guitar = 30 minutes

  • Run through chosen repertoire = 1hr.


Travel time

  • Pack car = 20 minutes.

  • Many weddings I play at are at wineries. Approximately 50 minute drive. Both ways accumulates to almost 2 hours of driving.

  • I arrive at least 30 minutes before guests do. So I can set up, tune up, and have a last minute run through.

  • Pack up = 20 minutes.


Total time

So when you add up everything it does take up a lot of my day. That's prep work, travel time to and from, setting up, performing, and packing away. If I need to rent a battery powered amplifier then I have to drive and pick it up, at Long and Mcquade, a day or two before the wedding which is a 45 min drive both ways. And then return it after the wedding. Lastly, the hours upon hours it took me to build my song repertoire.


Out of pocket expenses

  • Gas money and ware and tare of car. Hard to put a number on that, but lets say $20.

  • New strings = $20.

  • Rental of battery powered amplifier, if needed = $20


So $250 actually becomes $190 after my out of pocket expenses. Even though I may be performing only during the ceremony, if you choose not to hire me for a cocktail hour too, when you include all the prep work it does add up. Also, what I offer is very specialist. There's not many guitarists that can play popular songs that have been arranged for solo instrumental guitar.

Something to think about

A wedding is such a special day that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Once again, I know from personal experience. Hiring a musician to perform for your ceremony and to entertain your guests really does add a touch of elegance to your day.