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Virtual Lessons

In-person lessons are best. But sometime that is not possible. Now you can have guitar lessons without having to leave your home. And can have lessons from a teacher who may live out of your area... Even another country!

What you need

  • A high-speed internet connection.

  • A computer, Laptop, or Tablet/iPad. (the bigger the screen the better).

  • Zoom account. 

  • Paypal account.

  • Printer (preferably).

  • A quiet room.

  • Your guitar!

Virtual lesson close up.jpeg
Virtual lesson close up.jpeg

How it works

  • We will set up a day and time.

  • Discuss what you want to work on.

  • I will prep for the lesson and send any pdf's or link to backing tracks once I receive payment.

  • I can switch between two screens - Room and close up.

  • Lesson duration for online lessons are 45 min.

  • $45 per lesson.

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